Custom Microscope Systems and Accessories Including: FocusTrac™ - Laser Auto Focus Systems

Custom Microscopes2Custom Microscope Systems and Accessories

Motion X Corporation designs and manufactures custom motion control systems and subsystems for a diverse range of industries and applications. Our Custom Microscope Systems and Accessories are tailored to our customers application requirements ranging from standard to ultra high precision solutions.

FocusTrac mainFocusTrac™ Laser Auto Focus Systems

FocusTrac™ Laser Auto Focus System from Motion X Corporation provides real time focus for most infinite conjugate microscope systems including those manufactured by Olympus, Leica, Nikon, Zeiss, and Mitutoyo. It can also be configured to work with many older finite conjugate microscope systems as well as individual telecentric optics. The FocusTrac™ is able to differentiate between "in-focus", "above focus" and "below focus" conditions to produce a relative error signal that can be used to drive the position of the microscope and optics relative to the sample of interest into an “in focus” condition.

Motion X Corporation also offers the FocusTrac™ Laser Auto Focus System in a low profile configuration as well as other custom configurations.

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