Item # MX-MS-02, 1.00 Inch Round Plane Mirror

Single Axis Mirror configurations are used in DMI systems where there is only one axis being positioned or monitored on a given system.

Motion X Corporation’s Single Axis Mirror configurations are designed in a compact footprint to work in even the most space-constrained applications and in many cases, a single laser source can support multiple axes to reduce overall system cost.

0.45 inch and 0.90 inch Clear Aperture sizes are available.

Plane mirror, 1.00 inch round, 0.900 clear aperture, 1/10th wave surface flatness

Mounted Retroreflector
Mounted Retroreflector
Mirror (Single Axis)
Mirror (Single Axis)
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Round Size
1.00 in
Clear Aperture Size
0.900 in
Dimension A
Dimension B
Dimension C
Dimension D
4X Slot Equal Spacing on 1.132 BC


DMIs are the primary measurement device for high-precision stage metrology in semiconductor metrology tools and lithography processes for the production of integrated circuits (ICs) and flat panel displays (FPDs). Additional applications include; characterization and calibration of machine tools, stages, piezoelectric transducers, encoders and grid plates.

Technical Information

Motion X Corporation’s line of homodyne DMI systems and components is extremely flexible and can be offered in many configurations that will suit your applications requirements. Our price versus performance is unmatched in the DMI market and we invite you to contact our sales department for more information regarding our line of DMI systems and DMI system components.

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