Design and Manufacture of Custom Motion Control Systems and Subsystems for a Diverse Range of Industries and Applications.

Services Include: Design Engineering and Consulting, Refurbishments, Retrofits, Preventative Maintenance, Service Contracts, Product Development, and Contract Manufacturing.

Turn Key Motion Control Systems, Subsystems and Components

Our systems are tailored to our customers’ application requirements ranging from standard to ultra high precision solutions.

IREM (Infrared Emission Microscope) System Sales and IREM Stage Service

The IREM provides backside failure analysis, yield enhancement and debug with unprecedented visibility to the faintest levels of near-IR emission.

Displacement Measuring Interfer-
ometer (DMI) - Laser Interferometer Systems and Components

Motion X Corporation is an industry leader in homodyne DMI systems that provide ultra high accuracy for metrology and non-contact measurement requirements.

Custom Microscope Systems and Accessories Including: FocusTrac™ - Laser Auto Focus Systems

We design and manufacture Custom Microscope Systems and provide our customers with cost effective Microscope Accessory solutions.

Delta Tau Data Systems Inc.
Preferred Integrator and

Delta Tau is an industry leader with its motion control products that enable engineers to automate their projects quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Refurbish, Retrofit and Service
Teletrac Inc. and Other 3rd Party Systems and Subsystems

We provide our customers with cost effective investment options vs. buying new capital equipment.


We provide customers with cost effective solutions for outsourcing of in-house assembly requirements.

Motion X Corporation