About Motion X Corporation

Motion X Corporation “(MX)” was established in 2002 by a group of industry professionals with extensive applied expertise in designing, manufacturing, refurbishing, retrofitting and supporting turnkey motion control systems and subsystems. Our systems are tailored to our customers’ application requirements ranging from standard to ultra high precision. Our disciplines include but are not limited to mechanical, electronic, electrical, mechatronics, optical, machine vision, software and GUI/HMI development.

MX’s products and services are offered worldwide to diverse markets requiring motion control solutions for today’s demanding applications. Some of the industries served include the following: Semiconductor, Flat Panel, Data Storage, Biological, Medical, United States Military/Aerospace and Defense, Photovoltaic, Nano Technology, Laser Processing, Metrology, Microscopy, Electronic Manufacturing and Test, Automotive, Science, Photonics, R&D and Academic Institutions.

MX’s goal is to provide optimal, cost effective and timely solutions that will meet or exceed our customers’ application requirements.