November 2011

Motion X Corporation signs Motion Systems Inc. as our Northern California sales representative!

It is our great pleasure to announce that Motion Systems Inc. will now be representing our firm in the Northern California region.Motion Systems Inc. has extensive experience in high technology applications with a very impressive performance track record. Motion Systems Inc. is extremely knowledgeable of our products and services and we consider Motion Systems Inc. an excellent choice to represent us to our highly valued customers.

October 2009

Motion X Corporation Launches New Web Site!

In keeping with our vision, Motion X Corporation has updated our Website. The new Website makes it easier for our clients to search and find the products that they are looking for as well as easily contact us. Please select the Product category that you are interested in from the left hand navigation; view the products that best suit your business capability. Alternatively you may also view all of our products by selecting the Products link in the top navigation. We look forward to hearing from you.

July 2009

Motion X Corporation and PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. create new Ultra-Fast Laser Auto Focus Tracking System that offers throughput with flexibility.

The engineers at Motion X Corporation have developed the FocusTrac™ – Laser Auto Focus System and when combined with PI’s PIFOC objective positioners – 10X faster than stepper or servo focus systems – delivers on the unmatched throughput potential of laser based autofocus. Result: the most responsive, highest-throughput autofocus available, yet its highly configurable approach avoids image degradation and is suitable for commercial and custom microscopes and for substrates ranging from wafers with sensitive coatings to live biological samples.

The teamwork between PI and Motion X has married Motion X’s novel FocusTrac™ – Laser Auto Focus System to PI’s proven piezo controls and positioners for plug-and-play autofocus capability. Mechanical options include objective positioners, turret positioners and sample-positioning Z stages. The FocusTrac™ – Laser Auto Focus system works with microscopes from industry leaders including Olympus, Leica, Nikon, Zeiss and Mitutoyo. The FocusTrac™ – Laser Auto Focus System is also easily integrated into OEM assemblies.

Applications requiring the fastest possible auto focus with real-time continuous optimization can now be addressed by the combination of Motion X’s FocusTrac™ – Laser Auto Focus System and PI’s PIFOC objective positioners. Both are highly configurable and compatible with popular microscopes as well as custom and OEM optical assemblies.

Read more about this new product. (PDF-size: 1121 KB)