Item # MX-RIR-15S-MD-NO, Remote Interferometer

The Interferometer is the central component of Motion X Corporation’s DMI systems. Most of our interferometers are re-configurable to be used in either straight-through or right-angle orientations.

Motion X Corporation’s Interferometer configurations are designed in a compact footprint to work in even the most space-constrained applications.

Remote interferometer, 1.0 inch standard 3 mm, dual pass, no mount


DMIs are the primary measurement device for high-precision stage metrology in semiconductor metrology tools and lithography processes for the production of integrated circuits (ICs) and flat panel displays (FPDs). Additional applications include; characterization and calibration of machine tools, stages, piezoelectric transducers, encoders and grid plates.

Technical Information

Motion X Corporation’s line of homodyne DMI systems and components is extremely flexible and offered in many configurations that will suit your applications requirements. Our price versus performance is unmatched in the DMI market and we invite you to contact our sales department for more information regarding our line of DMI systems and DMI system components.