MX-DJ Series Digital Joysticks

The Motion X Corporation Digital Joystick (MX-DJ Series) is ideally suited for manually interfacing with motor driven positioning systems. Each model consists of spring centered potentiometers, velocity range switches and integrated drive electronics.


# of Axis

2 Axis
3 Axis
4 Axis


10.25 in (4 Axis)
10.25 in (3 Axis)
6.75 in (2 Axis)


5.75 in


3.30 in

Voltage (DC)

12 V


400 mA (2 Axis)
500 mA (3 Axis)
600 mA (4 Axis)


Pulse and Direction (0 to 5VDC/TTL)


The MX-DJ Series has a diverse range of applications in the motion control industry that require or could benefit from the ability to manually interface with a motor driven positioning system. Example industries that use the MX-DJ Series are industrial, medical, laser processing, optical inspection, semiconductor and food preparation.

Technical Information

A wide range of pulse rates are available. Jumpers allow the user to easily configure the unit for desired joystick direction. Output connects are standard 8 pin DIN, flying leads, or custom connector as specified by the user.

Motion X Corporation’s line of MX-DJ Series Digital Joysticks is extremely flexible and can be offered in many configurations that will suit your application’s requirements. We invite you to please contact our sales department for more information regarding our line of MX-DJ Series Digital Joysticks.